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Little Learners Pre-School delivers an exciting environment in which children can learn and grow. We customise each room to cater for the age range of the children being taught there, with a particular focus on creating an exciting and engaging environment. Children are encouraged to learn through activities, fun and play which is made easier using our carefully developed facilities. Children are monitored by members of our fully trained staff, as health and safety are our highest priorities.

facilities little learners

Ladybird Room: Children ages 1 to 2 and a half

Caterpillar Room: Children ages 2 and half to 6

Butterfly Room: Children ages 2 and half to 6

Bumblebee Room: Children ages 2 and half to 6

Our facilities are split into three rooms to cater for children of different ages:

Educational Schemes 

Little Learners Pre-School are proud to be involved with the Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) scheme, providing children with the opportunity to receive a free year of pre-school, partaking in programme based activities aimed at preparing them for the move to primary school.

Calculate your eligibility using the ECCE calculator:

NCS Scheme, National Childcare Scheme


To learn more about the ECCE scheme, give us a call!

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